The leading stalwart against authoritarian populism is….



Around the world, many experts see a global swing toward authoritarian populism — a loosely defined political ideology often centered around anti-establishment grievances and aggressive foreign policy positions. However, a recent study suggests that one major world power may show more resistance to these ideas than its peers: Germany, analyst Adam Taylor writes for The Washington Post:

British polling firm YouGov recently found that just 18 percent of Germans were susceptible to authoritarian populist politics, by far the lowest of any major country in Western Europe. In France, for example, 63 percent were found to be open to authoritarian populist politics, while 47 percent of Italians and 48 percent of Britons were. In Eastern Europe, the numbers were more stark: 82 percent of Romanians and 78 percent of Poles had support for authoritarian populist policies.

Seven essays under the heading The Specter Haunting Europeaddress the growing threats to Europe’s liberal democracies, in the National Endowment for Democracy’s Journal of Democracy.

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