New cybersecurity tools will ‘Protect Your Election’



The rise of cheap digital attacks like phishing and DDoS endangers democratic elections around the world, in which a well-timed data breach or site outage can meaningfully impact – and potentially destabilize – the democratic process, WIRED magazine reports:

That’s why Jigsaw and Google, both divisions of Alphabet, are launching a suite of cybersecurity tools today called “Protect Your Election.” They hope to provide a set of free cyber-defenses that can support the independent news outlets, election monitoring and audit groups, activists, and human rights organizations that help elections run smoothly. The innovation here isn’t the tools themselves, but packaging them in a way that makes them accessible to the people who need them most.

“There’s a spike in the most common forms of digital attacks during elections,” says Dan Keyserling, the head of communications and a senior advisor at Jigsaw. RTWT

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