Panama Papers expose Putin’s Achilles Heel



Dmitry Gudkov, the young opposition Duma deputy who’s been denounced as a traitor, says the Panama Papers hit the Russian strongman’s weak spot—and there’s more to come, Michael Weiss writes for The Daily Beast. As one of Russian parliament’s only real opposition deputies, Gudkov knows something about unorthodox politics.

If we are going to save free markets and liberal democracy from their internal and external foes, we have to show that they benefit everyone, The Economist’s Edward Lucas writes for the Center for European Policy Analysis:

The “Panama Papers” reveal how far that is not the case. …For people in Europe’s frontline states, the most striking feature of the leaks is the light it casts on Vladimir Putin’s looting of Russia. His vehemently anti-Western politics have not prevented him taking advantage of this particular excrescence of the capitalist system.


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