Political violence in Putin’s Russia



The February 2015 assassination of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was only the latest and most dramatic example of the political violence that has been central to the Putin regime since its inception. During a week marking both 57 years since Nemtsov’s birth and the tenth anniversary of the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, the National Endowment for Democracy will memorialize Nemtsov, Politkovskaya, and the other victims of political violence in Russia with an event featuring the screening of a short film about Nemtsov’s assassination, followed by a panel discussion of the implications of political violence for the future of Russia and the Putin regime.

The Implications of Political Violence in Putin’s Russia


Maria Snegovaya

Ph.D. candidate, Columbia University

Columnist, Vedemosti

Leonid Martynyuk

Filmmaker, journalist, and Russian opposition author

Miriam Lanskoy

Senior Director for Russia and Eurasia, National Endowment for Democracy

moderated by

Carl Gershman

President, National Endowment for Democracy

October 6, 2016


1025 F. St NW Suite 800

Washington, DC 20004


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