How to promote values of liberal democracy in cyberspace


In the face of growing threats to internet and media freedom, it is vital to acknowledge the real and immediate threat that authoritarian states’ use of cyber technologies poses to human freedom, argues a new AEI report authored by Jeffrey Eisenach, Claude Barfield, James K. Glassman, Mario Loyola, and Shane Tew.

It is imperative to “take strong and effective actions to promote the values of liberal democracy in cyberspace,” the report suggests:

  • Use all elements of US diplomatic and economic policy to discourage autocratic states from censorship and oppression.
  • Significantly expand US social media and other digital communication efforts to effectively communicate and promote fundamental online freedoms.
  • Formalize, expand, and strengthen the Freedom Online Coalition.
  • Promote increased Internet access through market-oriented policies.
  • Strengthen civil-society groups’ role in studying and promoting online freedom.
  • Expand, intensify, and support both public and private participation in international forums where Internet policies are set.
  • Vigorously promote and defend the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance.



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