Recognizing journalist who exposed Ukraine’s Holodomor



Kyiv City Council has confirmed plans to name a street in the Ukrainian capital “Gareth Jones Lane” in honor of the British journalist whose courageous reporting helped expose Stalin’s genocidal Ukraine famine, writes UkraineAlert’s Peter Dickinson. 

The July 31 decision by the Kyiv authorities reflects the important role played by Jones in the long quest to reveal the truth about the man-made 1930s famine, which killed an estimated four million Ukrainians and is known today as the Holodomor (“Death by Hunger”). …..The latest contribution to greater international understanding of the Holodomor is the recently released movie “Mr. Jones”. This groundbreaking historical drama revisits Gareth Jones’s experiences in the USSR in order to bring the horrors of the famine and the cynicism of the cover-up to modern global audiences.

Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Action Centre is trying to raise money to help anti-corruption activist Vitaliy Shabunin rebuild his house after a recent arson attack rendered it uninhabitable. They’d appreciate the help, if you have any spare cash to give, Coda Story reports.

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