Russia employing sharp power in Mexico’s elections


Russian meddling has recently become a fixture in Mexican politics too, analyst Maxim Trudolyubov writes for Newsweek.

“They [Russians] are trying to create a world in which the electorates are no longer able to tell what is true from what is false. This is a cheap strategy that is sowing chaos and is advantageous for them,” Frank Mora, director of the Florida International University Latin and Caribbean Center, said in an interview with the widely read Colombian newspaper El Tiempo:

Quoting Mora, the article goes on to say that more Russian efforts to influence elections have been detected in Mexico, Argentina, and Peru, and are also aimed at Costa Rica and Brazil, which are slated to hold general elections in February 2018 and October 2018, respectively [citing a recent report by the National Endowment for Democracy on authoritarian sharp power that Mora quoted in the interview].

Maxim Trudolyubov is a Senior Fellow with the Kennan Institute and editor-at-large with Vedomosti. He is the author of Me and My Country: A Common Cause (2011) and People Behind the Fence (2016).

This article was first published on the Wilson Center site.

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