Serbia’s ‘Orbanization’: Vucic heads towards competitive authoritarianism



Serbians are finally rising up against President Aleksandar Vucic’s regime, note analysts Boban Stojanović and Fernando Casal Bértoa. For the last five months, massive protests against his reign, and especially the use of political violence against the opposition, have taken place in the capital Belgrade and across the country, they write for The GlobePost:

Serbia’s road towards illiberalism is nothing new. Articles about the celebration of the country’s early 2016 parliamentary and 2017 presidential elections have shown how Serbia’s democracy is progressively deteriorating, and how Vucic’s change from prime minister (more powerful) to president (more figurative) could even lead to the collapse of democracy in Serbia.

Due to his cooperation in the Kosovar conflict, Vucic has continuously received support from the West, helping him to create what some have already dubbed a “stabilitocracy” they add.” However, if the United States, and especially the E.U., want to keep any credibility in the region and beyond, they should keep their eyes open and react before it is too late and Serbia turns into another Hungary.

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