Signs of democratic deconsolidation?


In many parts of the world, democracy seems to be under threat. Populism is on the rise, as is public dissatisfaction with such key features of liberal democracy as political parties, representative institutions, and minority rights. Even in the long-established democratic regimes of Western Europe and the United States, attachment to democracy is weakening, particularly among younger citizens.

In a widely discussed article in the July 2016 issue of the Journal of Democracy, Yascha Mounk and Roberto Stefan Foa explored the concept of democratic deconsolidation. In the forthcoming January 2017 issue, in an essay entitled “The Signs of Deconsolidation,” they expand their analysis and seek to identify the “early warning signs” that indicate democracy is in trouble. At a forthcoming event at the National Endowment for Democracy, Mounk will elaborate upon the arguments in his new article, and Stanford University’s Larry Diamond and the Brookings Institution’s William A. Galston will provide comments.

The Signs of Democratic Deconsolidation

National Endowment for Democracy

January 10

12:00 pm – 02:00 pm


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