Silent coup? Zimbabwe’s military ‘calling the shots’


Zimbabwe’s military has effectively assumed political power in a silent coup d’état, a leading politician claimed today.

ZANU-PF politicians continue to occupy the physical state offices but the military has taken over the reins, said People Democratic Party (PDP) President Tendai Biti, addressing a conference on Zimbabwe in Transition, organized by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, SAPES Trust and the National Endowment for Democracy:

Responding to a question on why Zimbabweans must consider a National Transitional Authority, [former finance minister] Biti said “I do not believe that President Mugabe is still in charge, it is clear that the military is now calling the shots, the National Transitional Authority would serve to avoid the escalation of this development,’ he said. He told the meeting that positive steps must be taken to avoid the current set up developing into a fully blown military coup or even worse a civil war. President Biti said Zimbabweans must take seriously the dangers of a military coup saying once a military coup happens in a country it is bound to happen over and over again.


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