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Why disinformation impacts democracies and autocracies differently


Democracies are vulnerable to disinformation campaigns that “flood” public debate and disrupt shared understandings of actors and coalitions, in ways that autocracies are not, research suggests. That’s because there are… Read more »

Generative adversarial networks: how fake news fuels authoritarians


The erosion of democratic norms in the advanced liberal democracies has given autocratic leaders the green light to do the same, reports suggest. “Fake news is being used as a… Read more »

Fearing social instability, China waging ‘lawfare’ on NGOs


  China’s Communist authorities are intensifying a crackdown on dissent, civil society and growing labor unrest, reflecting the ruling party’s concern that economic restructuring and dislocation will “threaten social stability.”… Read more »

Bolshevik roots of Russia’s civil society repression


Russian society, long unaccustomed to participating in civic organizations, will now be further discouraged from doing so by fear, says analyst Anne Applebaum. Very soon, it may become difficult to… Read more »