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Kremlin exporting ‘political technologists’: West confronts Russian (dis)information machine


Russians deserve to live in a free democracy and the the world must come to their defense, according to an open letter signed by prominent democracy advocates.* The violations of… Read more »

Russian propaganda and disinformation operations: domestic and cross-border drivers


 Two new laws in Russia jeopardize the privacy and security of internet users and aim to further control Russians’ freedom of expression, Human Rights Watch said today: The legislation, signed… Read more »

Russian cyberattacks aimed at legitimacy of political process


Current and former government officials painted a sinister portrait Wednesday of Russian cyberattacks aimed at interfering in the U.S. presidential election last year, AP reports: Moscow stockpiled stolen information and selectively… Read more »

Cyber-enabled information struggle: Russia’s approach, Western vulnerabilities


The Kremlin’s cyber operations against recent elections in western democracies are symptomatic of Russia’s perception of its ongoing ‘information struggle’ with the West, according to a new report, The cyber-enabled… Read more »

Western democracies ‘floundering’ in internet clash of ideas?


  Russian efforts to influence the French presidential election show that the central aim of the Kremlin’s media outlets and networks is to foment fear and mistrust outside Russia and… Read more »