Towards a New Uzbekistan?


Since taking office in September 2016, the new President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has initiated many reforms, ranging from economic and social policies aimed at improving the investment climate and the education and health systems to domestic and foreign policy changes aimed at eliminating any cult of personality, providing greater freedom of media and expression, and improving relations with neighboring States, notes George Washington University’s Central Asia Program:

The pace and scope of the initiatives has taken many academics and experts by surprise, and raises several questions. Are these reforms sustainable, and how do they impact the lives of Uzbekistani citizens? What are the consequences for relations between Uzbekistan and the international community? Do they provide an opportunity for Western countries to strengthen their relations with Uzbekistan and to improve their image, in the country? Four panelists will discuss these issues with a focus on specific areas that President Mirziyoyev has targeted for reform, including civil society (Sean Roberts, GWU), economic development (Eric Rudenshiold, GWU), media (Navbahor Imamova, Voice of America) and education (Sebastien Peyrouse, GWU).

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

4:00 – 6:00 pm

Room 412Q (Voesar)

1957 E St NW, Washington, DC 20052


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