Ukraine: How to maintain solidarity and unity


“Vile Bodies: How Fascists, Cultists and Spooks Spearheaded Russia’s War on Ukraine,” a new groundbreaking investigation from the Free Russia Foundation, authored by Pierre Vaux and Michael Weiss, sheds light on the true nature of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and reveals the influential role played by Russian far-right figures.

Declining trends in democratic governance and growing illiberal populism continue across Europe, including in Central and Eastern Europe. It is further fueled by the Kremlin’s propaganda machine in the information space, working to alienate the public from transatlantic democratic values.

While the Kremlin-led war in Ukraine witnessed unprecedented unity among EU member states and a coordinated approach on assistance and sanctions, the most recent GLOBSEC opinion polling documented in the GLOBSEC Trends shows, that the European unity is even more fragile and internal societal divisions have increased putting to a test societal resilience as the war continues. The 2023 Trends incorporates key findings from March 2023 public opinion poll surveys in eight countries: Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

Ukraine: How to Maintain the Solidarity and Unity in Europe?

Join the NED and GLOBSEC for a discussion on public attitudes in Central Europe as they relate to Russia’s war in Ukraine.


  • Damon Wilson is president and chief executive officer of the National Endowment for Democracy.
  • Dominika Hajdu is the Democracy & Resilience Stream Director at GLOBSEC, which focuses on defending democracy against subversive efforts aiming to undermine it and at the examination of strategies, actors and tools utilized in information operations.
  • Katarína Klingová is the Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Democracy & Resilience.
  • Assia Ivantcheva (moderator) is the senior director for Europe at the National Endowment for Democracy.

Tuesday, June 27 · 9 – 10:30am EDT RSVP




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