What future for democracy in Asia?


Asia represents a critical frontier for democratic governance that will shape the geopolitical landscape of the 21st century, the Brookings Institution observes. Democratic states in the region face increasing strain from an interconnected set of challenges across political, economic, and cultural dynamics. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty about American strategy, the implications of emerging technologies, and support for illiberal populism and authoritarianism by policymakers and foreign actors have tested democratic norms in the region.

The Brookings Institution hosts a webinar, beginning at 8:30 a.m., on “The Future of Democracy in Asia,” featuring a keynote address from Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang.

Speakers include John Lee, senior fellow, Hudson Institute: Maiko Ichihara, associate professor at Hitotsubashi University; Mireya Solis, director of the Brookings Center for East Asia Policy Studies; Richard Bush, nonresident senior fellow at Brookings; Lindsey Ford, fellow in the Brookings Center for East Asia Policy Studies; and John Allen, president of Brookings.

January 29, 2021. Full details here. 

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