Why women’s political participation matters



Despite participating enthusiastically in political and community life in the Democratic Republic of Congo, women hold few public decision-making positions. Many have withdrawn from seeking office or getting involved in public life, even though they are disproportionately affected by the civil wars and the resulting humanitarian crises that have plagued their country for more than 20 years. Women are under-represented or absent from national and international consultations in peace building processes.

During her presentation (above), Passy Mubalama shared her experience as a former journalist and current human rights activist in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. She examined how the current political crisis affects women’s rights in the DRC, and why the participation of women in politics and security is vital for the prospects of bringing peace and democracy to the country.

Comments from NED Program Officer for Central and West Africa Rudy Massamba followed. Featuring: Passy Mubalama, Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow With comments from: Rudy Massamba, Program Officer for Central and West Africa, National Endowment for Democracy Moderated by: Sally Blair, Senior Director of Fellowship Programs, National Endowment for Democracy. RTWT

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