Continuing Liberty


Journal of Democracy co-editor Larry Diamond, JOD contributor Sheri Berman, National Endowment for Democracy (NED) board member Minxin Pei and former NED board members Francis Fukuyama, William Galston and Suzanne Garment are among the speakers addressing such issues as Liberal Democracy in Central Europe, the Future of Liberalism, Russia and the Frontline Democracies, China and Its Neighbors, and America’s Voice in the World at the One-Year Anniversary Conference of American Purpose, September 20–22, 2021. The event is organized in partnership with the Václav Havel Library, Prague; Transatlantic Democracy Working Group; and The German Marshall Fund of the United States. Register here.

Advancing democracy is personal with Carl Gershman, who not only knew the critical issues in each country but so many of the activists to whom the NED provided vital moral and material sustenance, says Stanford University’s Fukuyama in a video tribute to the former NED President (above).

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