Forum 2000: the Courage to Take Responsibility


The prospect of rolling back centuries of political development was raised at the opening ceremony of Forum 2000, the Prague-based gathering for democracy, human rights and civil society, The Prague Daily Monitor reports.

FORUM 2000 kiska“Today, many of us feel deeply worried that this unbelievable scenario is happening in front of our eyes,” said Slovak President Andrej Kiska (right). “There is a clear and present danger which many of us thought we would not see reincarnated again. It is the rise of nationalism, extremism and racism. … We suddenly feel as if the unpleasant history of Europe is returning,” he said.

“Above all, it is the conviction of many politicians that they can play with fire forever, free of any consequences,” he said, referring to fear-mongering and the promotion of animosity. “I am talking about attempts to rewrite the truth about our history, to revive the demons of out dark past: extremism, xenophobia and general suspicion against liberal democracy.”

But, addressing the conference theme of the Courage to Take Responsibility, he was not entirely pessimistic. Every generation has to fight for its own freedom, while unprecedented levels of innovation and information set the current generation apart.

“We are the best-equipped generation in history to deal with every imaginable challenge,” he said. RTWT

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