How to Make Democracies Resilient



The spread of illiberal and autocratic tendencies challenges Europe’s democracies, the V-Dem Institute observes. While in some European countries democratic institutions are already eroding, illiberal political parties are on the rise in others.

How can we protect Europe’s democracies from such dangers? This question is at the core of the Berlin Democracy Conference 2019 (above), organized by the WZB in cooperation with V-Dem Institute (V-Dem) and the Open Society Foundation (OSF), addressing recommendations for action for political parties, civic education and the media landscape.

Credit: V-DEM

Other sessions include Democracy Promotion and Experiences of Democratic Decay and Renovation Abroad: Lessons for Europe by the Carnegie Endowment’s Thomas Carothers (right).

In terms of strategies against illiberalism, Europe and North America need to learn from other parts of the world, he said. “Civic activism works. Illiberal leaders fear civic activism – not opposition parties.”


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