How to stop Covid disinformation promoting polarization


The Global Disinformation Index estimates that 25 million USD will unwittingly go to funding all kinds of COVID-19 conspiracies and disinformation disseminating outlets in 2020 alone, GLOBSEC reports (above). The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the extent of the problem as well as its potential to kill. How do we disrupt economies of disinformation and contribute to healthier information environment? How do we stop spread of disinformation, hate and polarization of our society for profit?

Democracies should not hesitate to pursue officials engaged in electoral fraud, said the Atlantic Council’s Dan Fried, a board member of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED – below).


  • Vladimír Bilčík, Member, Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, European Parliament, Brussels.
  • Rand Waltzman, Deputy Chief Technology Officer and Senior Information Scientist, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica
  • Clare Melford, Co-Founder & Executive Director, The Global Disinformation Index, London
  • Led by Katarína Klingová, Senior Research Fellow, Democracy & Resilience, GLOBSEC, Bratislava.

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