Internationalist, not isolationist: Americans want U.S. engagement


Some 43% of respondents (54% of Democrats, 36% of Republicans and 36% of Independents) believe the decline of democracy around the world may threaten U.S. vital interests over the next 10 years, according to the latest survey by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Seventy percent of Americans want the U.S. to take an active role in world affairs, a preference for internationalism that holds in specific circumstances, analysts Ivo H. Daalder James M. Lindsay,  write for The Washington Post:

  • Ninety-one percent say that it is more effective for the United States to work with allies and other countries to achieve its foreign policy goals than to go it alone.
  • Sixty-four percent say that the United States should be more willing to make decisions within the United Nations, and with its allies, even if that means Washington might have to adopt a policy that is not its first choice. That’s the highest support recorded for that question in a dozen years.
  • Americans also like having allies and military bases overseas. Seventy-five percent believe the United States should maintain or increase its commitment to NATO, a level of support that has held steady for years.
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