Will autocrats darken new dawn for Eurasia?


In the Dawn of Eurasia, Dr Bruno Maçães argues that the artificial separation of the world’s largest island cannot hold, The Henry Jackson Society reports. While China and Russia have been quicker to recognize the increasing strategic significance of Eurasia, even Europeans are realizing that their political project is intimately linked to the rest of the supercontinent – and as Maçães shows, they will be stronger for it.

Eurasia is currently dominated by authoritarian regimes, which are collaborating in efforts to subvert democratic norms, analysts suggest.

As Carl Gershman, president of the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy, recently noted, The Epoch Times reports, “Russia, China, and other authoritarian countries are using sophisticated soft power techniques and multilateral coalitions like the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to subvert the global norms contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to replace them with the norm of unlimited state sovereignty…They are using trackers, trolls, and other instruments to subvert the integrity of the media space and to spread confusion and divisions and to undermine the institutions of the West.”
*TIME:  13:00 – 14:00, Tuesday 6th February 2018
VENUE: The Henry Jackson Society,
Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP

SPEAKER: Dr Bruno Maçães, Author of The Dawn of Eurasia

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