New generation of ‘spin autocrats’ challenging West’s liberal order


Authoritarian influence, an especially effective tool for Russia, is targeting European Union (EU) member states in order to break EU solidarity and manipulate European foreign policy, says a recent report from Political Capital, “The Specter of Authoritarian Regimes is Haunting Europe.

At a time of sharpening strategic competition between the democracies and resurgent authoritarians, the principal axes of democratic solidarity are in need of repair, analysts suggest.

Join the European Research Centre for Anticorruption and Statebuilding’s Democracy Series for a debate on why the Western liberal order is challenged by the new generation of “spin autocrats” and what can be done about it. With Larry Diamond (Stanford University & NED’s Journal of Democracy) and Sergei Guriev (Professor of Economics & Scientific Director of Sciences Po’s Master’s and PhD programs), moderated by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi (Professor of Democracy Studies, Hertie School).

October 27 | 6pm – 7pm CET | on Zoom. Register here
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