Non-State Actors and COVID-19: Challenge or Opportunity?



Gendered disinformation—the spread of deceptive or inaccurate information against women in politics—weakens democratic institutions by limiting the participation of a significant part of the population, argues Lucina Di Meco, the author of #ShePersisted. Women, Politics & Power in the New Media World.

Lucina Di Meco/#ShePersisted

COVID-19 poses new challenges for health systems and democratic governance globally—and women political leaders in democratic countries have been providing some of the most effective responses to contain the pandemic. But despite gendered disinformation’s pervasiveness and perniciousness, there has been very little research or action on this type of threat, she tells the Power 3.0 blog:

A few efforts have been made to address violence against women in politics, including legislative measures, the National Democratic Institute’s #NotTheCost campaign, and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ Violence Against Women in Elections Online tool. But when it comes to gendered disinformation, social media companies often forego responsibility for content posted on their channels.

Has the pandemic created challenges or opportunities for non-state actors across the globe? Join the Wilson Center on May 26 for a look at how terrorist groups, transnational crime organizations, gangs and cartels have reacted to coronavirus and what the future may hold for their operations.

Violent Non-State Actors and COVID-19: Challenge or Opportunity?

Speakers: Dr. Duncan Wood, Director, Mexico Institute; Eric Olson, Global Fellow, Latin America Program; Michael Kugelman, Deputy Director, Asia Program; Dr. Louise Shelley, University Professor, George Mason University; Marina Ottaway, Fellow, Middle East Program.

Moderator: Aaron Jones, Director, Congressional Relations.

Tuesday May 26, 2020 11:00am – 1:00pm EST CLICK HERE to view the webcast

@NDIparties and @NDIgov are delivering democracy by helping legislatures and political parties develop effective, transparent, and inclusive responses to #COVID19, tweeted @NDI, a core institute of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). 

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