Penn Kemble Forum – Accepting Fellowship Applications


The Penn Kemble Forum at the National Endowment for Democracy is an opportunity for rising foreign policy professionals to share ideas across sectors and explore the role of democracy and human rights within a broader policy and strategic context. Drawing on the expertise of foreign policy practitioners, activists, and academic experts, the Forum convenes monthly for bipartisan dinner discussions on key national security and foreign policy issues.

Now Accepting Applications for 2019-2020. Deadline: July 19, 2019. Further details HERE

Richard “Penn” Kemble (right) – a co-founder of Democracy Digest – passed away in October 2005. His death robbed the democracy movement of one of its most committed activists and strategists. His political evolution took him from early involvement in the young socialist and civil rights movements, through engagement with the U.S. labor movement in combating Communism, especially within Central America. He served as deputy and acting director of the United States Information Agency in the Clinton administration, and Secretary of State Albright appointed him U.S. Representative to the Community of Democracies. In 2002, Secretary of State Powell appointed him to lead a group to investigate slavery and human trafficking in Sudan.

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