How large a tent for the Summit for Democracy? 


Alliance of democracies

For his forthcoming Summit for Democracy, President Biden should keep the tent large while emphasizing that the objective is not to create a new formal alliance of democracies, argues Kemal Derviş, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Instead, the aim should be to discuss with whomever is willing how to contain autocratic tendencies that exist everywhere, how to protect human and minority rights that often are violated even in countries formally committed to upholding them, and how to fight the universal problem of corruption, he writes for Project Syndicate.

An expanded NATO was supposed to be the vehicle for a liberal democratic revolution across Europe, notes analyst Barry R. Posen. But we need to return to a more traditional view of alliances as tools of power, rather than building blocks for a permanently transformed world, he writes for the Hague Center for Strategic Studies.

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