Reduce asymmetries to protect democratic information space, says RSF


The globalization of news and information has led to an imbalance in which “closed” countries control their information space while it remains open in democratic countries, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) reports. This asymmetry allows dictatorial and authoritarian regimes to export their propaganda while they close themselves off to news and information produced under conditions of freedom, and it gives them a competitive advantage that weakens journalism and, more broadly, democracy.

How can we protect freedom of expression and support journalism while preventing democracies from being undermined by the disinformation operations of despotic and authoritarian regimes? RSF asks in a new paper, Protecting the democratic information space against authoritarian regimes. It recommends creating a protection system to reduce the asymmetries, that encourages freedom of expression and press freedom at the global level.

Resident Senior Program Manager: Disinformation – Eurasia 

The National Democratic Institute of International Affairs (NDI) seeks a Resident Senior Program Manager to implement and oversee the Institute’s counter disinformation and information integrity programming in several countries across Eurasia. Further details at the NDI website here. 

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