Sudan accused of masterminding lethal attacks on civil society protests


Sudanese security forces systematically planned and coordinated a series of deadly attacks that killed up to 241 pro-democracy protesters and injured hundreds more at a Khartoum sit-in last year, an inquiry has found, The Guardian reports:

Authorities “purposefully pre-positioned” state security forces armed with tear gas, whips and assault rifles in the month before the protests began, and “intentionally targeted” medical personnel and facilities during and after the protests, according to the New York-based advocacy organisation Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), which led an investigation into the violence.

Sudan now faces an historic opportunity for democratic transition, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) adds. For more than six months preceding the formal power-sharing agreement in August 2019, the civic movement engaged in peaceful, countrywide protests demanding a transition to civilian rule and respect for democracy and human rights. Organized by the Sudanese Professional Association, these protests were organic in nature and were the result of thousands of small initiatives to build civic capacity and to promote the values and concepts of democracy and human dignity.

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) will pay tribute to the people of Sudan and their historic 2019 revolution when it honors three organizations working tirelessly to strengthen civil society in Sudan with the 2020 Democracy Award. The 2020 Democracy Award Honorees are:

  • Regional Centre for Development and Training (RCDCS)
  • Nuba Women for Education and Development Association (NuWEDA)
  • Darfur Bar Association (DBA)

The three organizations that will be honored represent the key populations engaged in the protests: young people, women, and those living in the countryside on the periphery.

“The 2019 Democracy Award honors three groups who have been working for years to ensure the rights of all Sudanese people are protected, to build a new generation of democratic leaders, and to shape a democratic future for Sudan,” said NED president Carl Gershman. “It is NED’s hope that this award will build solidarity for the people of Sudan in their historic struggle for inclusive democracy, human rights, and lasting peace.” RTWT

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