Tracking conditions for citizen action in democratic transitions


While Tunisians remain committed to democracy, they are feeling the painful lack of economic and political progress, argues analyst Jake Walles.

Tunisians generally describe the essential objectives of the 2011 uprising as “freedom and dignity“. The “freedom” goal has seen much success. Political parties of all stripes compete freely in elections, the press operates largely without restrictions and a vibrant civil society keeps tabs on the political process. But when it comes to “dignity”, most Tunisians express disappointment in what has been achieved, he writes for Qantara.

According to the CIVICUS Monitor (2020) National Civic Space Ratings, (above), 43 states are rated as Open, 42 rating as Narrowed, 49 rated as Obstructed, 38 rated as Repressed & 24 rated as Closed.

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