Under the Gavel: China’s Xinjiang crackdown ‘reaps millions’ for CCP



U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week warned that “the situation in China is tightening, it’s getting worse and worse [and] that is a major problem,” in an address to Cambridge University’s Cambridge Union Society, citing human rights violations in Tibet, Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

China’s Communist authorities have now seized and auctioned-off tens of millions of dollars in assets owned by jailed Uyghur business owners as part of a broad government campaign to assimilate ethnic minorities in the northwest Xinjiang region, The Wall Street Journal’s Eva Xiao and Jonathan Cheng report:

Since 2019, Xinjiang courts have put at least 150 assets—ranging from home appliances to real estate and company shares—belonging to at least 21 people and valued at a total $84.8 million up for auction on e-commerce sites. The listings were compiled by the Uyghur Human Rights Project, an advocacy group partially funded by the U.S. government, and were corroborated by The Wall Street Journal, which reviewed court documents and corporate records. (Full report here: Under the Gavel: Evidence of Uyghur-Owned Property Seized and Sold Online). RTWT


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