What happened to the West?


Conceptions of the West guided and led American foreign policy for decades during the 20th century, the International Relations Council reports. Historian Michael Kimmage argues in his new book, The Abandonment of the West: The History of an Idea in American Foreign Policy, that the U.S. should revive the idea of the West “to counter authoritarianism abroad and inspire unity at home.” Vince Houghton, curator of the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC, will join Kimmage to examine the impact of this idea for transatlantic intelligence relations and keeping threats to American national security at bay.

Moderator: Jeffrey Gedmin is the Editor-In-Chief of The American Interest. He also serves as a nonresident senior fellow for the Future Europe Initiative at the Atlantic Council and as a senior fellow at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. RSVP

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