Why defending liberalism is not enough


‘Democracy crisis’, ‘illiberalism’, ‘authoritarian regression’, ‘executive takeover’. The dark political mood in Europe has generated its own language in recent years, argues analyst Luke Cooper. In the corridors of power, there is often a strong agreement on what needs to be defended: liberalism, the rule of law, judicial independence, free media, and individual rights. In other words, across the European Union, many recognise that the liberal constitutional rights that underpin democratic societies are in danger. However, defending liberalism is not enough, he writes for the LSE blog.


On February 27, The American Interest hosted contributing editor William A. Galston – a former National Endowment for Democracy board member – for a discussion about strengthening liberal democracy, at home and abroad, and creating a viable new center that avoids the excesses of right-wing and left-wing populism.

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