Can democracies align to fight disinformation?


Democratic societies will, undoubtedly, look to historical experience as they approach digital solutions from differing socio-cultural and legal angles, say Samuel Woolley, program director of propaganda research at UT Austin’s Center for Media Engagement, and Miroslava Sawiris, a senior research fellow at GLOBSEC, a partner of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). This is perfectly fine, as long as they also agree upon a basic set of unifying guidelines for internet policy. Such a step will allow for a strong foundation for digital governance that will define our increasingly digital societies for decades to come.

Via GLOBSEC’s Alliance for Healthy Infosphere initiative, we have crafted ten tangible principles – Transatlantic Principles for a Healthy Online Information Space – informed by international research and policy work that can help construct new democratic tech policy, they write for WIRED magazine. RTWT

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