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How democratic backsliding happens


Surveying democratic around the world, the clear lesson is: Not every wolf threatening democracy howls and bares its teeth. Many threats are stealthy, according to Aziz Huq and Tom Ginsburg,… Read more »

‘Clear evidence’ Putin interfered with election results


There is “clear evidence” of direct Russian involvement in British elections, a Labour former minister has said. Former Europe minister Chris Bryant also warned that many believed some of the… Read more »

Can ‘geostrategic retreat from internationalism’ be reversed?


The geostrategic retreat from internationalism by the United States is consistent with a broader political trend, The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson contends: Summarizing recent survey data [in the National Endowment… Read more »

Munich Forum hears stinging rebuke of populist politics


The West’s democracies must share the blame for the way in which the world is rejecting globalization, turning its back on refugees and dismissing the need to separate truth from… Read more »

The new Putinism: orthodoxy, autocracy, nationality


In his first interview after recovering from a coma, Open Russia (OR) Coordinator Vladimir Kara-Murza told OR correspondent Roman Popkov that he is preparing for a long-term recovery but is not planning… Read more »

Venezuela opposition parties fear election ban


United States Treasury sanctions have now brought international scrutiny on Venezuela’s vice-president Tareck El Aissami, reportedly involved in narcotics rackets from Colombia to Mexico, who went from being an unknown… Read more »

What to expect from Ecuador’s elections


An ally of Ecuador’s leftist President Rafael Correa and a conservative ex-banker are battling to become the next president in Sunday’s election in the face of corruption scandals and a… Read more »