Category: Authoritarianism

Can crowdfunding bypass civil society crackdowns?


With heightened restrictions on foreign funding, reporting on the Russian government’s repression requires creative social media projects, argues Grigory Okhotin, one of the founding members of OVD-Info in Russia. Given… Read more »

The information battle: How former Soviet governments promote their agendas


In what is increasingly becoming a battle over the use of soft power and information, Western institutions have been losing ground, according to a new Foreign Policy Centre publication examining… Read more »

S. M. Lipset & democracy’s fragility


  If Seymour Martin Lipset had lived, he would have celebrated his 95th birthday on 18 March. Today, his prolific scholarship remains as timely and influential as when he was an… Read more »

Reality check: life in a Cuban jail


Stephen Purvis loved Cuba and his job as development director with one of several small foreign firms that were setting up as the country sought international partners following the collapse… Read more »

How political populism has taken root


Populism and political extremism has been on the rise for years, especially in Europe, with both left and right wing authoritarians gaining in popularity, according to analysts at Deutsche Bank…. Read more »

After the Miracle: The End of the Asian Century?


  East Timor is voting for a new president in an election that will test Asia‘s newest and poorest nation, VOA reports. Meanwhile, Cambodia’s ongoing crackdown against opposition politicians and… Read more »

Global Civic Activism in Flux


For civic activism, it appears to be both the best and worst of times, argues analyst Richard Youngs. The positive dynamics of empowerment and the negative trend of constraints on… Read more »

Time to combat ‘frightening authoritarian populism’


Tony Blair is launching a “new policy platform to refill the wide open space in the middle of politics” aimed at combating a “frightening authoritarian populism” that he says is… Read more »

Kleptocratic Russia’s plot against the West


With Europe’s political stability, social cohesion, economic prosperity and security more threatened today than at any point since the Cold War, Russia is destabilizing the Continent on every front, argues… Read more »

Soft power not enough in the Balkans


The 21st century in the Balkans is starting to look dangerously like the 19th — with one important difference. In the 19th century, Russia and Turkey were big rivals in… Read more »