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Democracy in flux and under threat


As democracy’s global tailwinds shift to headwinds, there is opportunity to better understand how experience with even superficial forms of democratic institutions influences citizen behavior when formal democratic institutions erode… Read more »

‘We are between epochs’ – democracy must adapt


  ‘A Dictatorship Is Being Created’: An Interview with Lech Wałęsa via @nybooks — Democracy Digest (@demdigest) September 3, 2020 The current democratic crisis demonstrates that “we are between… Read more »

Lukashenko’s ‘Ceauşescu Moment’? Unthinkable change happening in Belarus


  Did you miss this week’s discussion about the presidential election and protests in Belarus? (Ft @McFaul @AnnaGBusse @kath_stoner @FukuyamaFrancis). Watch on YouTube 👀: — FSI Stanford (@FSIStanford)… Read more »