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World entering an “illiberal moment,” a “post-truth, post-West, post-order” era?


The world may be heading into an “illiberal moment,” a “post-truth, post-West, post-order” era, characterized by democratic decline and growing support for authoritarian governance, the annual Munich Security Conference has… Read more »

Why are so many Tunisians joining Islamic State?


Unlike neighboring Arab Spring states that have been consumed by violent extremism, civil war and resurgent authoritarianism, Tunisia actually managed to build a vibrant democracy. A new poll from the International Republican… Read more »

Defending Liberal Democracy in Emerging Markets


In recent years, populist and authoritarian leaders around the world have openly sought to discredit liberal principles and undermine democratic values such as the rule of law and checks on… Read more »

Signs of deconsolidation? Democracy being tested, Obama warns


  President Barack Obama has called on Americans to defend democracy in his farewell speech in Chicago, warning “democracy is threatened whenever we take it for granted.” “Democracy can buckle… Read more »