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EU leaders ‘idle’ in face of Russia’s information warfare?


European Union leaders remain idle in the face of Russia’s information warfare, which is increasing the Kremlin’s influence on public opinion in the West, reports suggest. “Russians know the art… Read more »

Russia’s information warfare: propaganda is not soft power


Russia’s use of information warfare to defeat its adversaries has a long history. However, whereas previously information warfare was an adjunct to Russian statecraft, today it is the Putin regime’s… Read more »

Russia mobilizes elite cyber warriors: anti-fake news site mocked online


Russia’s foreign ministry has launched a website to debunk fake news, but some social media users critical of the government are unimpressed by its lack of evidence, the BBC reports:… Read more »

Russia creates propaganda unit to wage information warfare


Russia has added information warfare troops to its military, Moscow’s defense chief said in a speech to parliament on Wednesday, The Hill reports: Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu would not… Read more »

Beware wolves in populist clothing


Nationalists versus globalists. Traditionalists versus multiculturalists. The “left behind” versus the elites. If the world’s populists are to be believed, these binary battle lines — ideological boundaries as clear as those… Read more »

Ukrainians lack information about government strategy in occupied territories


Ukrainians do not receive enough information about the government’s strategy to address the crisis in the country’s occupied territories, according to a new survey of public opinion. “41.7% of respondents… Read more »

World entering an “illiberal moment,” a “post-truth, post-West, post-order” era?


The world may be heading into an “illiberal moment,” a “post-truth, post-West, post-order” era, characterized by democratic decline and growing support for authoritarian governance, the annual Munich Security Conference has… Read more »

Russia ‘weaponizing misinformation’ to ‘disable’ western democracy


Russia is using cyber-hacks and “weaponizing misinformation” to undermine the West, the U.K. warned today. “Today we see a country that, in weaponizing misinformation, has created what we might now… Read more »

Russia’s new generation warfare ‘made a mockery of West’s soft power


British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is furious at a decision to let Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin mouthpiece launch a blistering attack on Britain from inside the House of Commons, Russian spin doctor… Read more »