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Factory of lies: Russia’s disinformation playbook exposed


Authorities on the democratic island of Taiwan say they are battling an influx of disinformation from sources backed by the Chinese Communist Party, ahead of local elections later this month,… Read more »

Democracies ‘outgunned’ in fight to counter Russian disinformation


The Russian government recently launched a new disinformation campaign – aimed at deflecting blame for a possible chemical attack in Syria, where Russia is fighting to prop up the brutal… Read more »

Disinformation: Facebook uncovers new active influence operation


Facebook said Tuesday that it had discovered a sophisticated coordinated disinformation operation on its platform involving 32 false pages and profiles engaging in divisive messaging ahead of the U.S. midterm… Read more »

Strategic technologies’ global implications: can democracy survive the cyber age?


Russia’s authorities are likely to use the FIFA World Cup to target journalists with their classic disinformation, notes StopFake. Based on almost three years of weekly reporting and analysis of the pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign, researchers… Read more »

Resilience the key to winning normative war with Russia


Is Russia succeeding in destroying American democracy, as one Washington Post columnist suggests? Much of the global conversation around “fake news” has centered on the United States. Yet it increasingly… Read more »

‘Social Media as Information Warfare’: countering adversary threats to democratic institutions


One hour after news broke about the school shooting in Florida last week, Twitter accounts suspected of having links to Russia released hundreds of posts taking up the gun control debate, The… Read more »

Reverse-engineering Russia’s ‘neo-Bolshevik’ disinformation


  It is no coincidence that today’s neo-Bolsheviks have all created their own “alternative media,” starting online and moving into the mainstream, specializing in disinformation, hate campaigns, racist jokes and… Read more »

How to defend against Russia’s disinformation war


  Facebook has been told to hand over evidence of Russian meddling in British politics to MPs, The Daily Telegraph reports: The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee has demanded… Read more »

West moves to counter Kremlin’s hybrid warfare: Russia vulnerable to reverse information campaign


If you want evidence of how technology has made diplomacy less diplomatic and information warfare less subtle, take a look at @RussianEmbassy, the Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in London, the Washington… Read more »