From G-7 to D-10: Can democratic ‘steering committee’ push back against authoritarians?


British diplomats have been promoting an initiative to create a new forum of the world’s leading democracies, the D-10, designed to push back against growing authoritarianism, analyst Ben Judah writes for The Post. 

The move echoes calls in a recent Atlantic Council report – A global strategy for shaping the post-COVID-19 world (above) – for a formal D-10 to function as a “steering committee of the democratic core of the rules-based global system”, alongside an Alliance of Free Nations, a free world technology alliance and a Free World Free Trade Agreement to “strengthen coordination among democracies and facilitate the sharing of best practices across democracies.”

Writing in Foreign Affairs, Princeton University’s G. John Ikenberry, also calls on the United States to work with its G-7 partners to expand that group’s activities and membership, adding countries such as Australia and South Korea, to turn the G-7 into a D-10, that would rebuild a global order that protects liberal principles.

Another leading commentator is advocating reinvention of the liberal order’s international architecture……


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