Nasrin Sotoudeh: The moral voice of Iran


Nasrin Sotoudeh has devoted her life to speaking out against the injustices of the Iranian regime’s systematic violations of human rights, women’s rights, the rights of minorities, political rights, the freedom of speech, and other rights enshrined in the Iranian Constitution, writes Haleh Esfandiari, director emerita of the Woodrow Wilson Center Middle East Program.

She remains as she has always been—a fighter for these rights; she will continue this struggle no matter how long the authorities keep her in prison. She and other Iranian women activists are models of the women’s struggle for equality and justice in Iran. Women, young and old, look up to Nasrin and these other activists, many also in prison, as their role models.

Credit: defendlawyers

On Monday October 26, 2020, the Woodrow Wilson Center (WWC) holds a virtual film screening and discussion, beginning at 2 p.m., on “NASRIN,” focusing on Iranian human rights activist and political prisoner Nasrin Sotoudeh.

Discussants: director and producer Jeff Kaufman; Haleh Esfandiari, director emerita of the WWC Middle East Program; and Merissa Khurma, manager of the WWC Middle East Program.

Further details from Ryan McKenna, 202-691-4217, Details of the webcast is available here]

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