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Democracy on the line in CEE


The growth of illiberal democracy in Central and Eastern Europe has prompted civil society activists and members of the business community to reactivate the region’s networks of reformers, reinvigorate the… Read more »

Iran election exposes Islamic Republic’s façade and true face


The presidential election in Iran this Friday is being billed as yet another contest in which a spirited but ineffectual reformer is fighting it out with a hard-boiled theocrat. Meanwhile,… Read more »

Deconstruction of the West? The real challenges to the liberal world order


In both developed and developing states, challenges to the liberal order are converging on a single main competitor, populist nationalism, which is a response to the tension between two central… Read more »

Autocracies fear ‘existential threat’ of democratic contagion


Think of two significant trend lines in the world today, writes Brookings analyst Robert Kagan. One is the increasing ambition and activism of the two great revisionist powers, Russia and… Read more »

Civil society countering Ukraine’s ‘corrupt counter-revolution’


In Ukraine, revolution and reform has given way to reaction, with vested interests entrenching themselves even further, notes Sergii Leshchenko, a Ukrainian journalist and a member of the Verkhovna Rada. Today,… Read more »

Specter of ‘lost Left’ haunting Europe’s democracies


Common explanations for Europe’s malaise aren’t wrong, but they don’t provide the full picture, argues Sheri Berman, a professor of political science at Barnard College. A key cause for Europe’s… Read more »

Cold War 2.0? Confront authoritarianism by defending democratic values


Gen Sir Richard Shirreff remembers the moment he realized Nato was facing a new and more dangerous Russia. It was 19 March 2014, the day after Russia annexed Crimea from… Read more »