Safeguarding civil society’s response to information disorders


The Many Faces Fighting Disinformation: Safeguarding Civil Society’s Role in the Response to Information Disorders”, a panorama of innovative, multidisciplinary actors responding to information disorders, demonstrates that civil society is rising to disinformation challenges with new types of expertise, but they are also exposed to novel risks, writes Claire Pershan, Policy Coordinator for the EU DisinfoLab.

The project maps a cross-section of an expanding network of individuals and initiatives, drawing on qualitative, semi-structured interviews to understand how these initiatives were created and have evolved over time, and to examine the difficulties they face in terms of sustainability, security, and impact, she adds. Here is the link to the project blog, where you can also download the magazine version of the project. Subscribe here to the EU DisinfoLab weekly newsletter.

China is employing a disinformation campaign to erode global trust in verified COVID-19 vaccines, while claiming that the international community has unfairly criticized the Sinopharm vaccine (for which the efficacy rate is yet to be determined). PRC officials are publicly criticizing the Pfizer vaccine, including voicing unsubstantiated claims that it may be linked to recent deaths in Norway. (HT: Ariane Gottlieb <> at NED’s International Forum).

And check out the following Four-Part Virtual Series on Russian Disinformation from USF-USSOCOM.


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