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‘Powder keg’ or ‘pressure cooker’? Iran’s unprecedented legitimacy crisis


Iran’s president warned Monday of threats to the Islamic Republic’s “democracy and national sovereignty,” after a body dominated by his ultra-conservative rivals disqualified thousands of candidates, weeks before elections, AFP… Read more »

Rohani and the reformists’ role in Iran’s popular uprising


  The protestors in last month’s uprising shouted slogans not only against Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the Iranian revolutionary regime, but also against President Rohani and the reformists…. Read more »

After Rouhani’s election, now for Iran’s more important transition


Now that Iran has gone to the ballot to elect a president, U.S. policymakers should turn their attention to a more important transition in the offing, argues Mehdi Khalaji, a fellow at the… Read more »

Iran election exposes Islamic Republic’s façade and true face


The presidential election in Iran this Friday is being billed as yet another contest in which a spirited but ineffectual reformer is fighting it out with a hard-boiled theocrat. Meanwhile,… Read more »

Ideology underpins Iran’s rising axis of resistance?


The ideology underpinning the Iranian-led axis of resistance in the Middle East has evolved, according to Harvard analysts Payam Mohseni and Hussein Kalout. From a primarily state-centered enterprise, it has… Read more »

Moderates’ election gains ‘a setback to Iranian democracy’


Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Thursday hailed last month’s elections that saw gains for allies of moderate President Hassan Rouhani, denying they lacked competition, AFP reports: The February… Read more »