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Gaza: Hamas’s social warfare strategy in action


  Palestinian protests on the Gaza-Israel border have dropped off over the past two days, with Israel on Wednesday pointing to what it said were Egyptian efforts to restore calm… Read more »

Rohani and the reformists’ role in Iran’s popular uprising


  The protestors in last month’s uprising shouted slogans not only against Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the Iranian revolutionary regime, but also against President Rohani and the reformists…. Read more »

A realist case for advancing Arab democracy


Despite the reportedly path-breaking retreat from even the rhetoric of promoting democracy and human rights, there is a robust realist argument for advancing freedom in the Middle East, according to Elliott… Read more »

Countering the globalization of jihad


Terror attacks in recent months — some claimed by Isis or its adherents — suggest that the Sunni Islamist extremist group and its violent, ultra-conservative ideology are successfully extending their… Read more »

Nuclear talks overshadow Iran’s repression, power struggle


The arbitrary and unlawful arrest and prosecution of journalists and activists in Iran weakens the protection of human rights of all in Iran, a United Nations expert said today. “Silencing… Read more »

Why Iran’s IRGC backs nuclear deal: foreign campaigns conceal domestic cracks?


Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is known for its hard-line rhetoric. But years of presiding over lucrative enterprises have created a more business-first mentality that sees an opportunity in… Read more »

Iran’s Catch 22: regime struggles to balance ideology with realpolitik


Bellicose threats from the deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps provide telling confirmation of the regime’s “struggles to balance its anti-Western ideology with its regional ambitions more than three… Read more »