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Assessing Zimbabwe’s elections: another GNU in the making?


Amid indications that the first round of voting in Zimbabwe’s July 30 ‘harmonized’ elections may not produce a clear winner, some civil society groups started putting together building blocks for… Read more »

Zimbabwe elections could lack credibility, civil society warns


The European Union will oversee elections held in Zimbabwe this summer, the first time it has done so since 2002, CNBC reports: Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa is attempting to build… Read more »

Muzzled Media: ‘perfect storm’ threatens press freedom


Independent media are facing a “perfect storm” of challenges, from capture by oligarchs to the emergence of “post-truth” politics, says Mark Nelson, director of the Center for International Media Assistance… Read more »

Zimbabwe civil society calls for post-Mugabe ‘national dialogue’


Zimbabwe’s Platform for Concerned Citizens, a civil society group, called on Tuesday for a far-reaching national dialogue involving all political parties to help plot a new course for the country… Read more »

Zimbabwe’s ‘slow motion coup’: Zanu-PF hardliners and opposition call for Mugabe’s ouster


Thousands of demonstrators are expected to rally in Harare on Saturday as an unprecedented alliance of Zanu-PF hardliners and opposition activists seek to force Robert Mugabe step aside as Zimbabwe’s president,… Read more »

Cause for optimism on Zimbabwe’s transition


  Zimbabwe’s citizens have mostly relied on political parties and elections to make their preferences known, but there has been an upsurge in protests, demonstrations, petitions, campaigns, marches, and organizations… Read more »

Zimbabwe in Transition: Reform and Reconstruction


> A 2015 Contingency Planning Memorandum, “Political Instability in Zimbabwe,” highlighted the potential for violence in connection with leadership succession. And there are at least five areas of concern as… Read more »

Zimbabwe pastor shows ‘Power in our Pockets’


When he posted a protest video on Facebook, wrapping himself in the national flag, the Rev. Evan Mawarire (below, right) became one of Zimbabwe’s first social media stars, the embodiment… Read more »