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How to address the global media crisis


The feeble response to the global media crisis by the world’s democracies reflects more a lack of political will than a lack of solutions, argues Mark M. Nelson, Senior Director… Read more »

Democracy Beyond the Ballot Box? Disinformation & Electoral Integrity


Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau inaugurated the 6th Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit by welcoming more than 2,000 former Heads of State, ministers, local government officials, and civil society leaders to Ottawa. The summit… Read more »

Muzzled Media: ‘perfect storm’ threatens press freedom


Independent media are facing a “perfect storm” of challenges, from capture by oligarchs to the emergence of “post-truth” politics, says Mark Nelson, director of the Center for International Media Assistance… Read more »

Media Capture and the Threat to Democracy


Threats to independent journalism no longer come only from direct forms of state control. Where advocates of a vibrant public sphere once mobilized against the suppression and censorship of news,… Read more »

‘A sickness beyond borders’ – understanding and combatting media capture


Recent developments in South Africa have highlighted how state capture has emerged as an increasingly dangerous threat to democratic governance and to prospects for democratic transition. According to a definition… Read more »

Adapting to digital: nonprofit news and funders’ relationships


Struggling to adapt to the digital media eco-system, The New York Times is embarking on an ambitious plan inspired by the strategies of Netflix, Spotify, and HBO, WIRED magazine reports:… Read more »

Democracy and the Media Challenge in the 21st Century


Many political scientists focus predominantly on the existence of competitive elections to classify whether countries are or are not democracies, says political scientist Elizabeth Stein, the inaugural Mark Helmke Postdoctoral… Read more »

Media and Countering Violent Extremism: An Uneasy Relationship


The term “Countering Violent Extremism,” or CVE, is now commonly used to refer to a variety of tactics and strategies—usually employing tools for mass communication—to blunt the efforts of terrorists… Read more »