What happened in Hungary?


The self-appointed champion of illiberalism, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán did much to engineer this week’s election result in Hungary. But as Réka Kinga Papp notes in her take on the election, there is obviously demand for what he is selling, writes James Thomson, Eurozine’s Editor-in-chief.

A refashioned electoral system helped Orbán return to power, but a fragmented and incompetent opposition has paved his way for over eight years now, Papp argues in Eurozine, while….

Ferenc Laczó explains why populism holds such appeal in Hungary.
Jeffrey C. Isaac explores Orbán’s most famous notion: illiberal democracy.
Shalini Randeria examines the systematic erosion of academic freedom in Hungary.

Carnegie analyst Balázs Jarábik explains how Hungary’s nationalistic, conservative prime minister held onto power and what his reelection means for the country and the EU.

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