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Fukuyama stands by liberal democracy, urges coalition against authoritarians


  U.S. political scientist Francis Fukuyama resolutely stands behind his claim that democracy and capitalism are the best means of carrying human development forward, Joel Lee writes for the Korean… Read more »

Authoritarian resilience, hybrid regimes and democracy promotion


The resilience of authoritarian rule has been a major concern in recent years, and attention has increasingly been focused on the role of external actors and their efforts to bolster… Read more »

China’s democratic future: how to help ditch corrupt regime


  Democratic countries mistakenly believe that democratic change comes from the bottom. It does not, even if broader social pressures are often critical, says Bruce Gilley, associate professor of political… Read more »

Authoritarians draw wrong lessons from Lee Kuan Yew’s success


  Lee Kuan Yew saw “Asian values” as a source of legitimacy for the idea that authoritarian leadership, constrained by certain Western legal and administrative checks, offered an effective “Asian”… Read more »