State-sponsored disinformation – the elephant in the room


Discussions on disinformation mostly focus on the external sources of disinformation: Russia and China. But if we focus exclusively on disinformation as a foreign challenge, we are simply ignoring the elephant in the room. Democratically-elected leaders are increasingly fuelling the spread of disinformation, according to Sohini Chatterjee, an associate professor at Columbia University School of International & Public Affairs, and Péter Krekó, Director of the Political Capital Institute* in Budapest.

Contemporary disinformation is distinct from propaganda. It is neither based on ideologies nor facts, they write for Euronews:

Coda Story’s Infodemic is tracking how global disinformation shapes the world emerging from the Covid-19 lockdown, Today, from drama about pangolins in China to coronavirus-related arrests in Bangladesh, and the power of state-controlled media companies around the world.

*A partner of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). 


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